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miércoles, 8 de julio de 2009

The Hive (Nuevo mail)

Este fue le mail que envió la banda hace unos días:

We are launching a new experimental project called "The Hive". Essentially, The Hive is a collective that will be focused on spearheading, developing and executing creative ideas to further the MARS experience, on developing and pushing MARS missions worldwide, on rallying the troops and spreading the good word online and offline about everything THIRTYSECONDSTOMARS. If you are interested in being directly involved with The Hive as a soldier or leader, we are looking for you.
This forum is where you may start to discuss any and all Mission ideas, tactics, strategies and dreams.
The first order of business The Hive asks of you is to begin to identify ECHELON leaders around the world you all think have the responsibility, initiative, and passion needed to help lead the charge for our brand new release.
The first offline location for The Hive will be in Los Angeles with potentially more to follow worldwide. There will be times open for Echelon to come work with us in LA and be a part of the plotting, planning, and execution.
As it has been said...."The war is coming..."
Keep an eye out for future updates and developments by reading The Hive message board thread.
Provehito In Altum

MARSAclaracion: The Hive is simply this. A command center that will organize,distribute, collect and help to manage missions and projects. And willassist in the collection of ideas from the Echelon around the world.
There will be no leaders - just trusted soldiers to help carry out andcomplete online and offline missions worldwide.
The physical location will be in Los Angeles where there will be 'openhours' during which Echelon may visit and volunteer.
The Hive is a MARS project and will allow you all to be directlyinvolved in a number of different ways with the new album.
Unity divides. Division will unite.
Keep the ideas going.
The war is coming.
Provehito In Altum

The Hive es un proyecto dedicado a desarrollar y ejecutar ideas para promocionar la banda.
El mail dice que si alrededor del mundo hay gente que se dedicaba a ser líderes, que la gente debería identificarse con ellos.
La corrección fue que no habrá que llamarlos "líderes" sino "soldados confiables".
En Argentina el Echelon cuenta con seis personas que coordinan el Echelon Argentina desde sus comienzos hace varios años. Siendo los administradores lo que la banda denomina soldados confiables.
El mail también aclara que la base física de "The Hive" es en los Ángeles, dónde habrán horas para que el Echelon pueda acercarse y hacer de voluntarios para organizar el material de la promo.

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